Practical, warm, durable & eco-friendly

Natural Cork Flooring

” One of the greatest benefits of CORK flooring is that it hardly seems to show the dirt and dust that soon accumulates in the average kitchen with pets and children.


All our products conform to any relevant standards as given by ISO, CEN, BS, or Cork Industry Federation as follows:
Domestic (medium) density – 425/450
Heavy density – 500/525

The durability of the tiles will depend on quality of finish (surface) maintained.

Most of our suppliers are factories with the Quality Certificate ISO.9001.

Building regulations 1991 (no. 786) Part 2, allow all cork to be fitted domestically.

Commercially, technical advise maybe needed for fitting cork wall tiles .


Cork itself is a completely natural product that has no harmful chemicals in it. It is an ideal product for persons who require as natural an environment as possible..our ‘Siesta’ natural wax finish tiles are ideal. Our prefinished tiles give off no chemicals as ultra-violet cured. We have two ranges of floor tiles – ‘HD-88’ & CONTRACT UNSEALED’ that are made with a special water based eco-binder (ACRODUR) that contains no critical ingredients such as – phenol, formaldehyde or isocyanate. This is made by BASF, Germany who have a website giving further information.