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Cork Wall Tiles

Decoration & Insulation

The benefits fo cork as a wall covering include sound reductions and heat insulation.  Even a 3mm thick tile will give a peaceful and comfortable ambience to a room even when fitted to just one wall.  Some recording studios use cork as an acoustic sound absorber.  The natural random efect of cork gives a unique decorative effect and some of our tiles have a coloured background for added interest.

Thermal insulation is enhanced and cork tiles are often used to eliminate condensation on a cold wall. Thermal resistance of typical 3mm thick cork tiles is 0.057m2/KW.  If only required for heat insulation cork rolls and tiles can be painted or wallpapered over.


‘Noticeboard areas are easily and effectively created using our cork wall tiles or our rolls. Any cork 6.0mm or thicker is ideal.  Please look at our range of Cork Tile such as ‘Biscay’, ‘Pincork’ and ‘Corkboard Dark’.  Using the 6.0mm thick high quality cork rolls gives a large area of noticeboard with no joins.   We also supply the adhesive (Cork-A-Bond) to bond them directly onto your wall or onto plywood backing which can then be fixed to the wall but can later be removed. Suitable tiles are also ‘Pinpanel Natural’ which are self-adhesive.

A note for Architects – Unfortunately cork wall tiles can sometimes have a problem with fire rating on some commercial installations.  This usually depends on the size of area and fire officer’s attitude.  But the good news is there are plenty of fire proofing transparent varnishes on the UK market that will enable cork tiles to be used.  The irony is that because the cork bark of the trees in the forest protect the trunk from being burnt in the brushwood fires we can legally only say that ‘cork is a fire retardant’ and this does not help with the way that fire tests are applied to cork wall tiles in the UK ( in the rest of Europe these tiles can be fitted without reference to fire regulations).

Special Offer!!

Noticeboard Cork Tiles

We will supply an order up to 4 No. Packs of:

  • Pinpanel Natural Self Adhesive or,
  • Pincork or,
  • Corkboard

(see price list for pack prices)

Please email us your order details and then we can phone you for card payment details.

Note: For Bonding tiles in small quantities you can use a PVA adhesive neat as contact adhesive – allow both sub surface and back of tile to go finger tacky then place tile in position.

Offer subject to being unsold.