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Cork for Industry

Our company specialises in purpose made cork products which we obtain from one of many Portugese and Spanish factories that we represent in the UK.

We give an outline of some of the cork products that we currently supply for UK or export. Some items are available ex-stock.

Most of these products are supplied in reasonable quantities against customers forward orders and to their exact specification.  Please contact us with your requirements or ask if cork would be suitable for your idea.

  • Composition Cork (small grain) Sheets and Rolls
  • Cork Wallpaper
  • Cork Underlayment Rolls
  • Cork Balls & Plugs – ex stock or your size
  • Cork/Rubber faced Pizza mats
  • Bathmats – ex stock or your size
  • Cork Sheets – various grades for different purposes inc. fire rated-
        Place Mats etc.
  • Cork Sheets – cut to your size – bulk orders only
  • Rubbercork sheets
        – Acoustic
        – Shoe Soles
        – Boat Decking, Treadmaster – diamond pattern
  • Cork Trivetts – for ceramic tiles
  • Cork discs and mats – self adhesive
  • Shoe Blocks – Natural cork soles
  • Virgin cork bark
  • Expansion joint cork
  • Cork sanding blocks
  • Cork items for model railways
  • Cork sheets – Bathroom scales
  • Cork veneer on PVC for lampshades
  • Cork Noticeboard Rolls – Up to 1.22m x 10m x 6.0mm thick
  • Cork in all forms for fishing rod handles and angling trade
  • Maniform rod handle
  • Cork Slabs – Dark Brown – Roofing, Theatrical effects, etc.

Please note: we do NOT supply cork for the wine and spirit trade – just everything else